Begleri Wiki

From the AroundSquare website:

The Titan AL Hardcore begleri from Aroundsquare are a long awaited update to the original aluminum Titans. They are machined from 7075 aluminum, and available in a range of splash anodized color combinations.

When the Titan series originally launched, the aluminum version (the AL Sports) were slightly upsized from the titanium range, in order to achieve the desired weight at the time. Now, with the wide range of weights available in AO2's Hardcore Gut System, we are able to offer AL Titans in the same exterior specs as the titanium line, and leaving the weight configuration up to players. The Titan AL Hardcore beads weigh around 8.6g on their own. 

The Titan AL Hardcore sets feature the same "gumdrop" bead design as their brothers, with a domed top and a straight barrel. They are 19mm by 19mm, and feature a Hardcore Compatible recess in the bottom of the beads.  

The beads feature a 3.5mm top bore, which we refer to fondly as the Goldilocks bore, because it is suitable for both 275 and 550 paracord. Inserting the 550 paracord requires a cleanly cut/ singed end, and a little bit of effort, but is reasonably easy.  

The surface of these beads will get dinged and scratched, and over time, the anodization will wear away, and the raw aluminum will show through.